Inventor of the

Inventor of the

Elif Bilgin is a young scientist and has been a curious person since she was up on her feet. She came up interesting inventions and discoveries since then. Her curiosity for the environmental issues, especially petroleum based plastic, made her to think about and alternative. She spent 2 years of trials and errors, at the end, just like Thomas Edison said, “she found twelve different ways to fail” until she made her first sample of “bio-plastic from banana peels” when she was only sixteen years old.

“My aim was to develop a method for using banana peels in the production of bio-plastic as a replacement for the traditional petroleum based plastic. The reason why I chose this particular aspect of science is that the bio-plastic is such a new concept and its range of use has been widening ever since it has been discovered (especially in the 21st century). The bio-plastic is a material which has the potential of causing a biological reform by means of reducing the amount of pollution caused by other plastic materials which contain petroleum derivatives.

Apart from this, the bio-plastic industry’s newness creates room for further development of the bio-plastics manufactured so far. Over a time period of 2 years, I was able to design a method and produce non-decaying plastic using banana peels which can be molded into a making cosmetic prosthetics or used in the electrical insulation of cables. This outcome supported my hypothesis. The method I designed is so simple, it is possible to say that one could actually do it at home (some chemicals used are irritant but not extremely dangerous). This way, anyone could use this plastic. Also, our beautiful planet will be spared from the consequences of the production of plastics with petroleum derivatives in them such as pollution of the air, land and water. In the future, I would like to do more projects concerning the environment. For example, my biggest dream is to build a greenhouse made of waste materials.

Google Science Fair: Meet Elif Bilgin

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