Elif has been recognized with pretigious local and international awards. Scroll down to check them out!

2016: International MedHacks Hackathon Wolfram API Award and Honorable Mention

Elif (Captain) and her team participated in the international MedHacks Medical Hackathon to build an web interface named “Pharmafund” in which Doctors/Camp Leaders of Syrian refugee camps can list medicine orders (when supplied with the URL, tracks the product down on the Amazon search results, and returns its name and price to be added to the list).

Logo of Pharmafund.

The program then builds a catalog of vital medication for the refugees, and encourages contributers to donate, raising the funds to cover the costs. The program itself has an algorithm which prioritizes drugs according to demand and creates a list that is sorted according to demand.



June 2013: International Google Science Fair Winner

For her project of inventing a method to make bioplastic using banana peels to replace traditional petroleum based plastic, Elif was awarded both the Scientific American’s “Science in Action Award” and the Google’s “Inspired Idea Award” at the International Google Science Fair Competition.

Elif at Google Headquarters in Mountain View, CA. 2013.

The Scientific American “Science in Action Award” prize awards a winner with a scholarship and a year’s worth of mentoring to support Elif to further develop her project. The Google “Inspired Idea Award” was awarded with an international public voting cast online.